What is Crossing Borders?

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Our goals

Crossing Borders supports children and young people in less-developed regions of the world by improving their educational opportunities. Our motto is "We change the world for the better".

Crossing Borders is focused on making a sustainable contribution in less fortunate regions of the world. Education enables children to lead a better and more independent life. If knowledge and experience are passed on, a sustainable and self-perpetuating effect is achieved that allows families and whole communities to progress. By focusing our efforts on poor regions, we achieve the most comprehensive effect with our available resources.

How we work

Crossing Borders offers financial assistance and organizational support to projects that improve the education opportunities of children and young people in disadvantaged regions of the world. In special cases, projects in other regions are also supported. More rarely the charitable engagement of Crossing Borders association members is supported through different types of contributions. Crossing Borders also tries to foster networks of knowledge exchange and communication activities that aim at enhancing social awareness and social competencies.

Instead of setting up our own projects, we usually contribute indirectly by supporting projects and initiatives that work towards the same goals we have set for ourselves. Our approach is holistic. We also support initiatives that indirectly contribute by improving the framework conditions for children’s education.

Our project partners work in disadvantaged regions. The communication between project partners and Crossing Borders is done by Crossing Borders mentors who ensure that the right projects are selected, money is spent efficiently and knowledge is gathered and made available. In this way, we make sure that available funds are used in line with the goals of our association. We place an emphasis on so-called “reference projects” with a highly exemplary nature, an extraordinary impact or a long-standing history of cooperation.

Our structures

Crossing Borders was born from the vision of Rainer Aberer (the founder of the company OMICRON) and his team to contribute by changing the world for the better. OMICRON is continuing to support our association, however there are also other partners.

Since 2011, Crossing Borders is acting as an independent association. Support decisions are made by an elected Crossing Borders Core Team together with all Crossing Borders members. Membership is open for current and former OMICRON employees and their families.