How to support us? (subsite text)

How to support us?

Check out this page to find out more about how you can help us to "change the world for the better". We have tried to line out different opportunities for you to get actively involved.

Support our idea!

By sharing our passion, spreading the word about what we do and what we achieve and actively bringing in your thoughts and ideas, you are already making a contribution. We are always looking for:

  • fresh ideas
  • networking opportunities
  • interesting projects
  • potential cooperation partners
  • motivated people who share our commitment

Spread the word and help us to reach more people!


We ensure that all financial contributions to Crossing Borders are used effectively in pursuit of the goals of our association. All donations are forwarded directly to the projects. Your contribution is not used to cover administrative or overhead costs.Our project mentors ensure that money is used efficiently in projects that work towards our goals. If you would like to support a specific projects, please indicate it in your payment reference.

Due to the charitable status of our association, donations are fully tax-deductible in Austria. The registration number for tax deduction is SO 1642.

Our bank details:

  • Bank name: Bank Austria
  • Account holder: Crossing Borders – Education for Children
  • IBAN: AT261200052966060901

The equation is easy. More funds = more supported projects.We make sure the money goes directly to the cause.


Volunteer within the Crossing Borders association!

Current and former OMICRON employees and their family members have the opportunity to play an active role within the Crossing Borders association. As any association thrives on the activities and commitment of its members, this form of support is essential for us. We are looking for different kind of support, you can for example:

  • actively participate in our associations meetings and events
  • support Crossing Borders organizationally (text support, marketing activities, homepage maintenance)
  • coordinate our cooperation with the projects as a Crossing Borders project mentor

If you are interested in getting actively involved, just contact us. We will find an opportunity for you to chip in.

Support the projects directly!

We share the aims of our project partners – what counts in the end is that children receive support in order to live a self-determined and happy life. Support does not have to happen via Crossing Borders. If you find a project that appeals to you, we are happy to set-up contact. Many of the partners are for example looking for:

  • Used teaching material
  • Clothes, school material and other forms of non-financial support
  • Volunteers to support fundraising activity
  • Experts to support teaching activities in the project regions
  • Construction professionals to support building and renovation activities

Check out the project descriptions to find out more about the support needs of the different projects and just contact either us or the respective project partner.